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I made this site to share my photography hobby with friends and family. I started taking pictures about 12 years ago. My mother was just told she had cancer. I thought to myself one day. I had no any pictures of my mother to pass down to my boys. So my hubby brought me a point and shoot camera and I started taking pictures. Before you knew it I had more rolls of film to develop than I could pay for at the time. But that ok because I got them all develop in time. Well 2 years passed with me just snapping away at anything and everything I could. One day we had a very BAD thing happy to our marriage. We lost our two boys to an accidentally drowning. We both were just lost with our self. However we have to carry on for our daughter. Then after the funeral, I remember I have rolls of film in the icebox of my boys. I told hubby about them. That day we went and have all 17 rolls developed. It was very helpfully in our progress. Now, I keep taking pictures. The only thing that has change is I went to digital now. I LOVE IT TOO.


I started doing portraits right after my mother passed away of my little sister. She was 15 at the time. I wanted us to spend time together. Well now every years I have to take her portraits but one thing changed she has a family now. I do family portraits of them. I love it too. There is some of my work of them posted under portraits. (click here to see them)


After several people seen my work they have asked for me to do there weddings. There pictures are under the wedding page. (which click on wedding its link to page.) I have done several wedding for friends of friends because in our area they want to much for wedding. I charge between $450.00 and up per wedding. The good thing I do about wedding that people like. I don't make money off of my copy rights or prints because I don't do prints. I give the wedding party a cd with all the pictures on them. See I still remember how tide money was when I got married. So I give them a cd with all there pictures on it. They can go and print out how or what pictures they want at any give time. When they have the money. All so they can have family and friends print there own pictures out too. It saves them money.


NEW NEWS about me. I started taking pictures at Riverside International Speedway on June 29, 2007. I am in love with it. I enjoy  doing it for the drivers. sponsors and the fans. I have booths on both side of the tracks selling 4x6 prints of the pictures I take. I all so can and will do orders from the track or the web site. Please click on races for the pages to view them. They are filed by date then by classes. Hope you enjoy them.





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